Starter wishes

SFr. 599.00

Your wish is to have a full starter kit for your baby or as a Newborn gift? You want the best quality that lasts? And you want nothing but soft and natural materials to touch the delicate baby skin? You wish for a clean and neutral style that is timeless? This is the baby box for you!

Each item in this dream worthy baby box was lovingly selected to perfectly fulfil your wishes at the beginning of your baby’s journey. Quality and the suppliers commitment to sustainability are essential to each product. We are in love with the style of every item and are committed to lasting quality.
Just a little bonus: the clothes and colours are chosen so that you can style these high end staple items and combine them freely. Welcome to your baby’s capsule wardrobe and the perfect Newborn gift set.

This Box includes:
2 Bodies
1 Pyjama
1 Pair of tights
1 Cardigan
1 Playsuit
1 Trousers
1 Hat
1 Pair of booties
1 Sleeping bag
1 Baby Carrier
1 Nooshie blanket
1 Nooshie cuddle
1 Pacifier chain

Wrap Body 
Baby bodies are absolute essentials that your baby will be wearing every day for the first year. This wrap body out of wool and silk material is easy to handle at the beginning for nappy changing, especially as your little one will still not be able to hold her head. The Merino wool and silk material is breathable, heat regulating and has dirt repellent qualities. 

Brand: Joha
Material: 85 % merino wool and 15 % silk
Colour: Off white
Size: 50

Baby Body
This is a sightly lighter body so you can choose the perfect layer for every temperature. The bamboo material is wonderfully soft to the touch and super breathable. The high Quality bamboo will be able to withstand endless wash cycles at a high temperature. 

Brand: Joha 
Material: 96% Viscose (bamboo) 4% lycra OEKO TEX
Colour: clean white
Size: 50

This pyjama will make sure your baby is wrapped up cozy and warm at night. You will want to keep your little one in this 24/7 because it is so comfy and soft. Also the wrap design makes it not only very cute but easy to change diapers. Depending on the temperature you can also layer this with a body underneath. The textile will withstand washing at a higher temperature. 

Brand: MarMar Copenhagen
Material: 50% cotton 50% modal
Colour: grey melange
Size: 56

Cotton tights
You will need tights all the time. These are a staple item which is essential for layering or if you are lazy like us perhaps your baby will only be wearing these most of the time. This is why we have chosen those by MP Denmark. With lots of washing the MP tights do not lose shape colour or texture. Also they are not too tight or have a rubber band at the top that will cut into your babies belly.

Brand: MP Denmark
Material: 80% cotton 17% polyamide 3% elastane
Colour: light grey
Size: 60

Essential as a top layer at all times. When your baby is not moving much yet and spends most time lying on her back, a cardigan is more useful as something warm to put on with buttons at the front. This way your little one will be lying comfortably without any hard buttons digging into her back. The advantage of a knit cardigan is also that it will grow with your baby. 

Brand: Serendipity Organics
Material: 100% organic cotton
Colour: cumin
Size: 56

This cute playsuit can be layered or worn alone. It will be super useful in the summer as a single layer or with tights in the winter. At the bottom there are push buttons for easy diaper change and seashell buttons on the shoulders so you can easily slip it on and off. 

Brand: Serendipity Organics
Material: 100% organic cotton
Colour: cumin
Size: 56

Pair of trousers
We are in awe of the quality provided by Engel Natur and their dedication to natural and sustainable materials as well as production. These Merino wool and silk trousers are fantastic all-rounders and will be great in summer and winter. The material is breathable and has dirt repellent qualities. Wool possesses excellent warmth retention, regulates cutaneous respiration and the oxygen exchange. Silk gives warmth when it is cold and cools down when warm. The waistband is extra broad for comfort

Brand: Engel Natur
Material: 70 % natural merino wool and 30 % natural silk and are GOTs certified.
Colour: grey melange
Size: 50/56

It is important to keep the head warm as this will be how your baby will regulate its temperature. From birth you will need this especially for the first weeks. This beautiful FUB hat is super soft and light. The baby hat is knitted in one piece with a single seam in the back. It features subtle shaping details for a perfect fit, delicate purl stitch edges and fine knitted ribbons. 

Brand: FUB
Material: 100 % organic cotton
Colour: light grey
Size: 56-62

Pair of booties
You need baby boots because they are oh so cute and keep your baby’s feet warm and cosy. We love FUB and their quality and style.  The booties are made out of thick knit cotton and have a turn down ribbing and delicate ties. The boots are hand knitted in soft cotton with special attention to fit and comfort.

Brand: FUB
Material: 100 % organic cotton
Colour: light grey
Size: 56-62

Sleeping bag
It is surprising how much babies move around in their sleep. To keep them wrapped up and safe you will need a sleeping bag so you do not have to worry that the cover will slide off. We chose midseason warmth as this will be good for very small babies in summer and winter. This sleeping bag will last you for the first 6 months. The Zipper that goes all around allows for easy opening and closing.

Brand: nobodinoz
Material: outer shell: 100% organic cotton, lining: 96% organic cotton 4% elastane filling: 100% oeko tex polyester. 
Colour: natural and gold stars
Size: 0-6 months

Baby carrier
A carrier is essential so your baby can stay close to you whilst you have your hands free. The Marsupi baby carrier is perfect for the first couple of months because it is made for Newborns without having to add anything. It is light, breathable and easy to handle. It wraps up small so you can just throw it into your bag and take out when needed. It is very easy to clean as you can just wash it in the Washing machine.
The carrier has no padding so it is not bulky and  you can wear coats or jackets over the top. Both parents will want to take your little one everywhere in the Marsupi carrier. 

Brand: Marsupi
Material: 100 % cotton, filling 100% polyester
Colour: natural 
Size: S/M or L

Nooshi blanket
This Nooshi blanket from petit stellou is our ultimate must-have. Use it as a scarf, as a blanket, as a sun shield on the pram, as a cover when breastfeeding, for nappy changing, to put underneath for your baby or yourself to lie on and much more. You will never leave the house without it. The quality and softness of the organic cotton fabric is also fantastic and will not disappoint even after numerous washes. 

Brand: petit stellou
Material: 100 % organic cotton
Colour: moonshine
Size: large

Nooshi cuddle
Babies are simply messy. These Nooshi cuddles are multipurpose to wipe away milk spillage as a napkin or to put in the pram underneath your baby. Later on these will be also great as scarves when your little one is teething and drooling. Our toddlers also love the scarves. 

Brand: petit stellou
Material: 100 % organic cotton
Colour: moonshine and gold
Size: medium

Pacifier chain
Pacifiers and toys go missing all the time. Babies are mini disappearing artists. So having a chain for your little ones’ favourite item is essential. We love the simplicity and natural material. It will also double up as something to explore and chew on for the baby.

Brand: petit stellou
Material: wood and non toxic colours
Colour: milk