Play wishes

SFr. 379.00

Your wish is to have a small collection of toys that support learning and development in the first year? You want the toys to be sustainable? Have great quality? Made from natural materials? And also look nice? You are looking for a baby gift set that lasts an entire year? We have got you covered!

Babies do not need a lot of toys but the right kind. We sat down with our resident early child development guru Gabi and asked her: which toys are a must have for babies and their development in the first year. Then we sprinkled a little bit of 1001 wishes inspiration, extensive testing by our babies, and of course Livia’s unwavering style.
Et Voila here we are! This is what we think is all you need for the first year. Each toy selected has something to delight parents and babies alike. This box makes for the perfect baby gift.

This Box includes:

1 Play mat
1 Book
1 Soft Toy Rattle
1 Stacking Rings
1 Shape Sorter Box
1 Pacifier
1 Set of Nesting Blocks
1 Otto the sausage dog
1 Hand puppet
1 Car
1 Stroller Chain
1 Wooden Playring
1 Skwish


Play mat
This handy play mat will become your daily companion everywhere. It is thick enough for you to put underneath your little one so she has somewhere clean and soft to lie on and make her first crawling attempts. It is easily washable so you can use it again and again. It also makes for a smart little carpet in the children's room. 
Brand: nobodinoz
Material: 100% organic cotton, filling 100% OEKO-Tex polyester
Colour: creme white

You cannot introduce books early enough or ever have too many of them. Your little one has to make huge jumps of development in the first year. Reading a book helps to visually stimulate and also us adults to engage with the baby. This farm animal book has sliding pages which foster interaction and fine motor skills. 
Brand: Wee Gallery
Material: FSC-certified paper and soy-based inks
Colour: black, white and yellow

Soft Toy Rattle
This bunny is the cutest. The soft rattle has scratchy paper inside as well as sound pills. Babies just love things that crinkle. It is interesting to touch and it is also small enough to hold and investigate. Do not cut off the tag as it will be an interesting feature for your baby.  It will be your little one’s favourite cuddly toy as much as yours. 
Brand: Fabelab
Material: 31% organic cotton 69% corn filling
Colour: light grey

Stacking Rings
Everyone knows the stacking rings for babies and toddlers. They are important to teach hand eye coordination and much more. But we found these just so beautiful and oh so soothing. The rings are made from different kinds of wood and finished with beeswax and botanical oils, sanded perfectly smooth, soft to the touch. Babies will use them as teethers and explore the feel of them. When they approach the age of  1 stacking the rings will become a new exciting skill to learn. 
By the way wooden story toys are handmade in the Beskidy mountains of Poland. 
Brand:  Wooden Story 
Material: wood
Colour: natural wood

Shape Sorter Box
Another classic for your children’s room. This will help your little one to learn different shapes and fitting them through the holes. Also the box is great for filling it with little trinkets for your baby to explore. This version by wooden story will also please the parents alike with its classic and natural look.
By the way wooden story toys are made  of wood that comes from FSC®certified suppliers.
Brand:  Wooden Story 
Material: wood
Colour: natural wood
We searched high and low for a pacifier that our children and us liked. The pacifier is made in one piece from natural rubber which is biodegradable and easy to clean. This is important when your little one is very fond of her pacifier but keeps dropping it everywhere, smearing it with food, shares it lovingly with other babies or animals, or just has a snotty nose. Also the edges are soft so the pacifier will not dig into the nose or cheeks. We have also chosen the orthodontic shape to prevent tooth misalignment. 
By the way Hevea sources its rubber from the "rubber trees" Hevea Brasiliensis.
Brand: Hevea
Material: 100% pure Hevea natural rubber
Colour:  natural

Nesting Blocks
These blocks are all-rounders. Wee Gallery focuses on black and white toys. The contrast visually stimulates the eyesight of Newborns. Later on these boxes are great to investigate, or filled with things. They will last you even longer as your little one learns to put them together or stack them on top of each other. They are also fun for the slightly older sibling when learning how to count. Last but not least they pack away neatly and are great for traveling.
Brand: Wee Gallery
Material: FSC-certified paper and soy-based inks
Colour: black and white

Otto the Sausage Dog
Otto is a solid favourite with us. We just adore this little funny guy. Made of wooden balls connected by a metal string making his body and wiggly tail flexible. Babies just love crawling behind him as he makes funny movements. The tail is just added fun. Later on Otto can also be dragged behind and be taken for walks.
Brand: Sarah & Bendriks
Material: natural beech
Colour: natural wood

Bear hand puppet
We aim to fulfil all your wishes so this hand puppet is another super useful toy that not only looks cute but your little one can also snuggle. Best of all a hand puppet is always handy (pun intended) when you are traveling and need to distract your baby.  We just  love this bear's little face.
Brand: Fabelab
Material: 100 % organic cotton
Colour: ochre

We think Every baby needs a toy car to play with and race across the floor. We chose this one because it  is easy to grab for younger babies to hold and explore. This will be treasured for a long time.
Brand:  Wooden Story 
Material: wood
Colour: natural wood

Stroller Chain
This chain is such a beautiful piece of art. We chose it because babies and parents alike need something pretty to look at. The contrasts will calm your baby. Who says a stroller chain should only be attached to the stroller? It can be fixed anywhere for your baby to play with. For example above a changing mat and it is also safe for your baby to put into his mouth. 
Brand: Petit Stellou
Material: wood
Colour: elephant

Wooden Playring
This playring rattle is the perfect first toy that your baby will be able to grab and hold onto. We love the simplicity and style. The two beads that move in the middle also add an interesting feature and make a sound when your baby shakes the ring. You do not have worry if your baby chews on this as the play ring is 100% manufactured in Germany with domestic woods and under environmentally friendly conditions with environmentally friendly materials and non-toxic colours. It is additionally tested and declared according to the European safety standards, EN 71
Brand: Petit Stellou
Material: wood
Colour: elephant

An absolute playroom classic. This wood rattle and teether toy can be found everywhere for a reason. It is designed by one of NASA’s engineers. The beads slide and rattle and there are different shapes, textures and movements to explore. It is great at keeping your baby entertained for a long time.
Brand: Manhattan Toy
Material: renewable rubberwood
Colour: natural wood with non-toxic water based finish