The 1001 wishes Team

Co Founder Tez:

Originally born in Northern Germany but having gone to school and university in England and having moved around several cities in Europe for studies and work, she is now a cultural European cocktail. She is responsible for our website content, sales and product testing.

As a mom of two she is putting her Project Management and Mediation skills to good use navigating siblings that are barely 17 months apart as well as an international family with a Persian husband and living in Switzerland. She was the first of us to have a child and also a second. She is a traveling mom and can tell you everything about plane and car rides as well as how to equip your little ones for different temperatures.  She is not a big fan of unsolicited parenting advice and strongly believes every parent is an expert in their own right. If asked however she is happy to give a very honest rapport of her experience as a parent. Or just read her entries in our blog.

She is passionate about sustainability. She has strong opinions about raising her children without restricting them to gender stereotypes. That does not mean that she doesn’t love some girly clothes on her daughter. As our resident shopaholic she is the one to ask about brands, shops and testing the products for babies. She’d definitely like to be more organised and minimalist than she is, but a toddler and a baby mess up every plan. So mostly she just wings it like bringing her baby to 1001 wishes workshops.

Co Founder Livia:

A designer through and through she is the stylish one. She makes sure 1001 wishes stays as classy and minimalistic as she is. With her Spanish German roots she brings the right mixture of German directness and Latino temperament to work. Years of working in the fashion industry and as a designer helps her to have an insight into production and recognise quality. Trust her to pick the good stuff. After moving several times between cities and countries without and with a child, she also learned the importance of not owning a lot, but the right stuff. She is responsible for the creative direction of the shop and its content, product selection and takes care that your child will be dressed as stylish as you are!

Born and raised in Germany she studied fashion design in Berlin and ran her own fashion brand for more than 10 years before working for famous fashion-brands in the industry. After commuting between Berlin and Zurich for a while with her husband and baby, it was time to settle. So for now they are in Zurich. Although she now lives in Zurich, after spending almost 18 years in Berlin, she will always think of herself as a Berliner.

Livia is passionate about design and her life revolves around aesthetics and perfectionism. Style stands above functionality, which stresses her (and maybe her husband) out sometimes. When her little daughter was born, she tried everything so that nothing in her life would change, but a few things did! It took her a while to realise that she doesn’t need to try to be super „motherly“ - like she thought she should be - and found her own way of being a mom as well as herself.