Our story

Being mums ourselves, we found that the very moment the test was positive, we were swamped with all the “must have” lists. Slowly but surely with the arrival of our little ones life got colourful and cluttered. It was easy to feel overwhelmed by all the baby products we should be consuming. In hindsight at least half of the items we had been given or bought, we didn’t actually need, want. Instead the accumulating clutter kept filling our apartments.
We decided to found 1001 Wishes to fulfil all the wishes you have when a new baby is coming. Like your best friend, we are your personal curator for anything parenthood and baby related. We have selected for each stage of the beginning of your journey only the things you will really need. We wanted to create a collection that fits with our modern urban lifestyles. Therefore, we have curated the no fuss all in one wish boxes for you. Our focus is to make your life as a parent easier. Each product has been hand selected to this very purpose. One of the important values is to stick to Quality over Quantity, which is why we only offer a limited amount of products in your box. Quality to us means that we choose our materials and suppliers very carefully and focus on local production as well as sustainability. Each product has been personally tested by us.
1001 Wishes offers a pure and clean style. Trust us: colour and mess will invade your life anyways.