In a Nutshell

1001 wishes offers carefully curated newborn starter and gift sets for newborns.



Why a starter set or birth gift from us? 

We have chosen every item in our baby boxes very carefully to only include the most beautiful, high quality and useful products, creating the perfect gift and starter sets.  

Us and our children have personally tested each and every product extensively. We guarantee that we have only chosen the absolute best.

Sustainability means to us that we choose materials and our producers very carefully as well as paying attention to local production and lasting quality.

We choose neutral colours and design so that our products are fitting for boys as well as girls and are timeless. Therefore, they can be passed on endlessly. 

We believe: less is more! This is why we have chosen a small but exclusive high quality collection. With our baby boxes you are buying less but higher and lasting quality which will save you money and the planet surplus waste. 

The clean and unassuming style suits every taste. So you really cannot go wrong with these newborn gift sets.