10 reasons why our baby boxes are the perfect gift for newborns:

      1. The Newborn starter set includes everything new parents need.
      2. We tested every product for our gift sets and chose only the best    
      3. The products are carefully sourced from sustainable suppliers.
      4. The high quality will last you to pass on through several siblings,     
          cousins, friends children. The most sustainable way of consumption.
      5. You create less waste by not buying surplus items.
      6. By buying less and more high quality, you are saving money - yes you
          read correctly.
      7. You save time and effort researching what you need and you can
          focus entirely on your child or yourself if you like.
      8. The simple style is timeless. So whatever the parents taste, you
          cannot go wrong with these baby gift sets.
      9. You want to spoil a mum to be? Our mum boxes make the perfect
          pregnancy gift.
      10. Because you and your child deserve the best!