Creamy Dreamy Wishes - the elegant newborn gift

SFr. 299.00

Do you love cream colours? Are you looking for a luxurious baby gift set for a Newborn? Do you want something classical, timeless and elegant? This is our luxurious creme de la creme selection. A small tipp from us: combine this with our Black wishes box to complete a black and white look.

This box includes:

1 playmat
1 pacifier
1 skwish
1 pacifier chain
1 baby carrier
1 body
1 bloomer

Cream coloured clothes have been the timeless choice for babies for centuries. It is pure, delicate and elegant. Not to mention milk stains are less obvious. We have taken special care in selecting each item. Read more below:  

Play mat
This stunning play mat will become your daily companion everywhere. It is thick enough for you to put underneath your little one so she has somewhere clean and soft to lie on and make her first crawling attempts. It is easily washable so you can use it again and again. It also makes for a smart little carpet in the children's room. 

Brand: nobodinoz
Material: 100% organic cotton, filling 100% OEKO-Tex polyester
Colour: creme white

We searched high and low for a pacifier that our children and us liked. The pacifier is made in one piece from natural rubber which is biodegradable and easy to clean. Also the edges are soft so the pacifier will not dig into the nose or cheeks. We have also chosen the orthodontic shape to prevent tooth misalignment. 
By the way Hevea sources its rubber from the "rubber trees" Hevea Brasiliensis.

Brand: Hevea
Material: 100% pure Hevea natural rubber
Colour:  creme

An absolute playroom classic. This wood rattle and teether toy can be found everywhere for a reason. It is designed by one of NASA’s engineers. The beads slide and rattle and there are different shapes, textures and movements to explore. It is great at keeping your baby entertained for a long time.

Brand: Manhattan Toy
Material: renewable rubberwood
Colour: natural wood with non-toxic water based finish

Pacifier chain
Pacifiers and toys go missing all the time. Babies are mini disappearing artists. So having a chain for your little ones’ favourite item is essential. We love the simplicity and natural material. It is non toxic and will also double up as something to explore and chew on for the baby.

Brand: petit stellou
Material: wood and non toxic colours
Colour: milk

Baby carrier
A carrier is essential so your baby can stay close to you whilst you have your hands free. The Marsupi baby carrier is perfect for the first couple of months and can be used for Newborns. It is light, breathable and easy to handle. It wraps up small so you can just throw it into your bag. It is very easy to clean as you can just wash it in the Washing machine.
The carrier has no padding so it is not bulky and you can wear coats or jackets over the top. Both parents will want to take your little one everywhere in the Marsupi carrier.

Brand: Marsupi
Material: 100 % cotton, filling 100% polyester
Colour: natural
Size: S/M (other sizes available, please contact us)

Wrap Body
Baby bodies are absolute essentials that your baby will be wearing every day for the first year. This wrap body out of wool and silk material is easy to handle at the beginning for nappy changing, especially as your little one will still not be able to hold her head. The Merino wool and silk material is fantastic for summer and winter alike. The material is breathable, heat regulating and has dirt repellent qualities. An absolute dream!

Brand: Joha 
Material: 85 % merino wool and 15 % silk
Colour: Off white
Size: 56/62

Who doesn’t love bloomers? We certainly do and these are so beautiful and smart. They transform every outfit. Of course FUBs organic cotton and knit quality is just so soft. The organic cotton is cultivated and harvested from non-genetically modified plants, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

Brand: FUB
Material: 100 % organic cotton
Colour: ecru
Size: 56