Perfect Gift Wishes #2

SFr. 89.00 SFr. 129.00

You are looking for a gift set? You would like something special for the little one and the new parents? This is our relaunch of the popular perfect gift wish box.

This box includes:

1 body
1 nooshi
1 pacifier
1 car
1 blanket

Baby Body
This is a slightly lighter body so you can choose for warmer days or it is also the perfect layer for underneath. For Newborns it is important to choose long sleeves as they cool off fast and you want to protect them from the sun. The bamboo material is wonderfully soft to the touch and super breathable. The high Quality bamboo will be able to withstand endless wash cycles at a high temperature.

Brand: Joha
Material: 96% Viscose (bamboo) 4% lycra OEKO TEX
Colour: clean white
Size: 50

Nooshi cuddle
Babies are simply messy. These Nooshi cuddles are multipurpose to wipe away milk spillage as a napkin or to put in the pram underneath your baby. Later on these will be also great as scarves when your little one is teething and drooling.

Brand: petit stellou
Material: 100 % organic cotton
Colour: moonshine
Size: medium

We searched high and low for a pacifier that our children and us liked. The pacifier is made in one piece from natural rubber which is biodegradable and easy to clean. Also the edges are soft so the pacifier will not dig into the nose or cheeks. We have also chosen the orthodontic shape to prevent tooth misalignment.
By the way Hevea sources its rubber from the "rubber trees" Hevea Brasiliensis.

Brand: Hevea
Material: 100% pure Hevea natural rubber
Colour: grey

We think every baby needs a toy car to play with and race across the floor. We chose this one because it is easy to grab for younger babies to hold and explore. This will be treasured for a long time.

Brand: Wooden Story
Material: wood
Colour: natural wood

This thick muslin blanket is particularly special to us because it is made by the lovely small Swiss StartUp BaraBara. This blanket has four layers of Muslin out of 100 % organic cotton and is super soft but also sturdy. You can wash this at 60 C to really get out all those grass, spit and other stains. But the best thing: the blanket is crafted in the workshops of a social institution in Bern.

Brand: BaraBara
Material: 100% organic cotton
Colour: grey
Size: 75 x100 cm