Funtime wishes

SFr. 109.00 SFr. 139.00

This fun mini wishes compilation is for the parents who are already fully equipped and need something fun to add for special occasions.

This Box includes:

1 Blanket
1 Garland
1 Pacifier chain

This blanket from fabelab is super practical and handy to take everywhere. It will serve as a soft playmat to lie underneath your little one or as a cozy cover when needed. Because it is easy to clean, it is also the perfect travel companion.

Brand: Fabelab
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Colour:  foggy blue

For birthdays and other occasions we like to keep it simple when decorating. This is our perfect solution to putting up some decorations whilst still keeping true to our sustainable mindset and aesthetic. You will love taking this out for every birthday or Xmas to add a little festive flair whilst still being environmentally conscious. This is so pretty maybe you will decide to keep it up all year round, because there is always a reason to celebrate. 

Brand: Fabelab
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Colour:  multi

1 Pacifier chain
Pacifiers and toys go missing all the time. Babies are mini disappearing artists. So having a chain for your little ones’ favourite item is essential. We love the simplicity and natural material. It will also double up as something to explore and chew on for the baby.

Brand: petit stellou
Material: wood and non toxic colours
Colour: milk