Dreamy wishes

SFr. 89.00

This mini wish box is what we imagine would be just the cutest present under the Xmas tree.

This box includes:

1 Pyjama
1 book
1 Otto the sausage dog
1 Pacifier

1 Pyjama
This pyjama will make sure your baby is wrapped up cozy and warm at night. You will want to keep your little one in this 24/7 because it is so comfy and soft. The Merino wool and silk material is breathable, heat regulating and has dirt repellent qualities. 

Brand: Joha
Material: 85 % merino wool and 15 % silk
Colour: Off white
Size: 50

You cannot introduce books early enough or ever have too many of them. Your little one has to make huge jumps of development in the first year. Reading a book helps to visually stimulate and also us adults to engage with the baby. This farm animal book has sliding pages which foster interaction and fine motor skills. 

Brand: Wee Gallery
Material: FSC-certified paper and soy-based inks
Colour: black, white and yellow

Otto the Sausage Dog
Otto is a solid favourite with us. We just adore this little funny guy. Made of wooden balls connected by a metal string making his body and wiggly tail flexible. Babies just love crawling behind him as he makes funny movements. The tail is just added fun. Later on Otto can also be dragged behind and be taken for walks.

Brand: Sarah & Bendriks
Material: natural beech
Colour: natural wood

We searched high and low for a pacifier that our children and us liked. The pacifier is made in one piece from natural rubber which is biodegradable and easy to clean. This is important when your little one is very fond of her pacifier but keeps dropping it everywhere, smearing it with food, shares it lovingly with other babies or animals, or just has a snotty nose. Also the edges are soft so the pacifier will not dig into the nose or cheeks. We have also chosen the orthodontic shape to prevent tooth misalignment. 

By the way Hevea sources its rubber from the "rubber trees" Hevea Brasiliensis.

Brand: Hevea
Material: 100% pure Hevea natural rubber
Colour:  natural