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Welcome to our Blog - Hi, I´m Tez

Welcome to our Blog - Hi, I´m Tez

Hi I’m Tez, I will be kicking off the first entries to our blog.

This is a short and sweet introduction to what my blog entries will be all about. Writing a mum blog, I had to think about who I really am as a mother. Turns out this is rather tricky. It took me till my thirties to just about figure out who I am as a woman. Along came motherhood and threw me for a whole other loop.

There is only one thing I want to be that is my honest self. Who that is I am not entirely sure.  I mean. I can tell you what I am not! I am not perfect, I am not organised, I am not endlessly patient, I am not perfectly put together or effortlessly cool… the list is endless of all the things I would like to be as a mother but am not. On the plus side there are also things that I am not and do not want to be like I am not a huge worrier. So who am I as a mother? All I know is I am a mess and I just sort of wing it. Sometimes that works out and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t think there is a one fits all solution to being a parent. Every parent is an individual and so is every child. I absolutely hate being told what to do when it comes to my children. So I promise I will not do this here, ever! I believe you have to find your own way. Just like when growing up we extract bits from the experience of others and put it together in our own way.

So what do I want this blog to be? We want this to be an honest account of what parenthood is like. We want to include the experience of several mums and dads. We want to tell you what we struggled with and what worked for us. Hopefully we will also achieve to be helpful, entertaining and sometimes funny.

Enjoy reading!

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